This is the Portland Cigar Shop you've been dreaming about!

We specialize in big name cigars everyone knows as well as small boutique lines ready to be discovered.

You’ll find your new favorite cigar in our 1,200 square foot walk-in humidor (yes, it is really that big!)

Looking for pipes? We regularly stock hundreds of tobacco pipes (briar and meershaum) in all sorts of sizes and shapes. And since you’ll need tobacco for your pipe, you’ll find around 30 different blends in stock - many created by us and mixed by hand for each batch.

Take your cigar or pipe next door to our members-only cigar lounge ($5 day passes available), to kick back and relax while you watch the game, meet with a friend, or get some work done.

Why become a Cascade Club member?
Your monthly $50 fee includes month-long access to the cigar lounge during operating hours and 10% discount off all purchases.

We are an old-fashioned cigar shop focusing on providing great cigars, a great selection pipes and pipe tobaccos, and great customer service. Looking for something specific?
Just ask, we'll be happy to order it for you!